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Latest Scrapbook and Stamping Sale!

Here is my list for sale.   The sale is for 50% off all woodmounted stamps and sets as marked. Many stamps and sets are already priced lower than their regular price, which takes them down as low as 75%! All stamps are in excellent condition unless otherwise stated; most of them have been treated with lacquer on the wood.  I take paypal, propay, checks, money orders, and credit cards.   My address:  Margit McCabe, 23341 Righteous Lane, Waynesville, MO 65583  Thank you.
Should you be looking for any stencils or accessories, ask me chances are I have them and can sell them as well.

B205 Robbie        3.50
B       Spring Leaves      3.95
B204 Cupcake Bear      3.50
B239 Lace        3.50
B269 Fall Leaf        4.95
 B Place Photo here      4.95
B173 Autumn Leaf      4.95
C136 Rose Border      4.10
C218 Handstamped for You Tag  5.95
C164 Basket Ball      5.95
C192 Shining Star      5.95
C203 Simple Joys      5.95
C111 Snake        4.50
D126 Water Balloon (stained)    3.95
E333 Lace Flower      5.95
F175 Ivy Heart        5.25
G195 Tulip Love      4.95
G217 Just a little Something    6.95
H233 Country Heart Plaid    6.95
H123 Heart & Geese      4.80
I101 Lights & Border      7.25
J103 Around Christmas      7.25
J207 Country Shelf      7.25
J139 Threehorn dino (lt. Stain)    6.95
J163 Let’s Party        6.95
J183 Thinking of You      5.25
J213 Joy – stained      5.80
K176 You’re Invited      6.50
K149 Friend to Friend (lt. Stain)    6.50
L218 Thinking of You – Script    7.50
L150 Garden Flower      7.50
L145 Hot Dog (Skiing dog)    6.95
L151 Tiger Eyes      6.95
M123 Country Antiques      6.95
M129 Birthday Fun      7.50
M118 Carnation        7.50
M124 Merry Christmas      7.50
N279 Stegasaurus      6.95
N194 Roses        6.95
N232 Fun Happy b-day      7.50
N269 Every Bow      7.50
N500 Peace on Earth Angel   7.50
N265 Cherry Bunch      7.50
N287 Small Tag        7.50
O120 Friend to Friend      8.25
P107 Springtime Spray      6.95
P137 Celebrate        8.50
P136 Congratulation – Calligraphy  8.50
Q275 Silly Sally      9.95
Q206 Shoot 2        9.95
Q303 Teddy Bear Love      9.95
Q299 Standing Bear      9.95
Q300 Sitting Bear      9.95
Q265 In Harmony      9.95
Q129 This Much Bear      9.95
Q242 Just A Note      9.95
Q243 Four Square Fill-in    9.95
Q301 Birthday Bear      9.95
Q109 Sunflower Burst      9.95
Q200 Angel Glory      9.95
Q410 Floral Background Block    9.95
Q258 Happy Birthday Quick    9.95
Q401 Christmas Greetings    9.95
Q257 Little Bear Frame      9.95
Q282 Hello Friend      9.95
Q296 Bumblebee      9.95
Q268 Quick Card Fill-in    9.95
Q227 Grape Vine      9.95
Q305 Panda Bear      9.95
R128 Rose & Bows Wreath    11.95
R172 Rose Romance      12.50
R171 Schoolbus      12.50
R189 Block Quartet      12.50
S341 Made For You      22.25
S432 Forever Roses      28.25
S466 Topiary Garden      34.95
S468 Bear Necessities      34.95
S482 Sun, Moon & Stars    29.95
S483 Spring Blossoms-solid    29.95
S544 Home Décor      26.95
S740 Special Occasion Blocks    33.25
S815 Blooms and Leaves    25.50
S118 Gift Surprise      6.40
S475 Secret Garden      26.95
S194 Creative Roses      20.95
S463 Floral Frame      25.95
S357 Sending You Love      32.95
S106 Patchwork Quilt      23.95
S352 Gingerbread Hugs      29.95
S448 Floral Greetings      24.95
S239 Family & Friends Christmas  29.95
S495 Design A-Square      14.95
S260 Birthday Wishes Set     14.95
S431 Cozy Mittens      29.25
S191 Greetings to You      23.95
S450 Rose Garden                                   29.95
S475 Solid Surprise Super Set    33.25
S336 Mini Holiday Cards    18.25
S608 Garden Toile      30.95
S532 Baby Gifts      20.95
S266 Greeting Tree      27.50
S764 I miss You      14.95
S541 Autumn Blocks                               20.95
S366 Whoopsi Daisy      34.95
S493 Background Whimsey    29.95
S392 Frechest of the Bunch    30.25
S448 Sunflower Garden      29.95
S453 Vegetables 2      30.25
S433 Basket of Blessings    30.75
S486 Mr. Snowman      24.95
S756 With All My Heart    12.95
S770 Get Well Soon       22.25
S381 God Bless America    25.95
S816 Bright Blooms      20.95
S737 Star Impressions      22.95
S204 Cherries, Apples & Peaches  20.95
S530 Wedding Accessories    27.95
S315 Bright Holidays      16.00
S485 Campsite        31.95
S790 Party time        22.95
S525 Birthday Bas      34.95
S689 Frogs & Friends      29.95
S434 Botanical Super Set    33.25
S490 Christmas Poinsettia    29.95
S451 Greetings - Script      29.95
S323 Make it a Simple Christmas  33.25
S601 Morning Glory      30.25
S  Solid Icons      33.25
S424 Business Boosters      16.95
            Incentive Set      12.00
(Phone orders welcome, Love Referrals, Earn free stamps, book a demo get a gift)
S415 Peace        11.50
S371 Floral Whimsey          29.95
S363 Moose Loge                                     29.95
S315 Bright Holidays         20.00
S546 Designer Christmas      25.00
S198 Autumn Treasure      20.00
S214 Sweet Christmas      25.00
S784 Halloween Dingbats      10.00
S656 A Winter Wonderland      20.00 
S266 Greetings Tree         22.00
T113 Happy Easter 2      7.95
U133 Lg. Sarah (lt stain)    9.20
U149 All Wrapped Up      11.50
U155 Birdhouse Garden      11.50
V199 Blossom Border      13.95
V126 Paris Flora      16.95
V194 Garden Tapestry      16.95
V195 Victorian Tapestry    16.95
6034 Country Burlap      16.95
6065 Country Picnic      16.95
6005  Sportsframe      13.95
4375 Alphabet Frame Set    24.95
6017 Cherub Set      29.95
6016 Classic Rose      29.95
6009 Gone Fishing      29.95

I also have the following Acrylic sets available, the price is as marked:
All A size sets are $5.00

A1042 Live Life Well
A1095 Always Remember
A1079 Amour Lower
A1058 Funky Chunky – no package
A1053 Love Bug (2)
A1070 Atomic Lower Case
A1094 Make My Day (2)
A1117 Typeset
A1118 Hope for Japan
A1037 Baby Impressions
A1086 Angel Policy
A1101 Always in my Heart
A1102 A Posy
A1103 A Love
A1105 A Paisley
A1107 A Twinkle (2)

B size sets are $7 or $6 with *

B1065 Autumn’s Blessings
B1185 Bottle Caps
B1195 Cracker op
B1186 Ho, Ho, Ho
B1019 Celebration Solids
B1192 Snap, Crackle, Pop *
B1207 You’re Invited
B1211 Reminders
B1193 Classic Numbers
B1194 Music of Winter
B1221 Little License
B1175 Atomic Caps
B1274 Celebration Blocks
B1279 Life is a Party
B1256 Alfresco *
Solos A-C, F-I, K-O, R, T, W 1 and 2
B1262 Celebration Labels
B1204 Life is so good
B1306 Cottage Floral
B1212 Little Treasure
B1313 Merry Pursuits
B1054 What a great Day
B1106 Flurries
B1222 Outdoor Thoughts
B1191 Thoughtful Scripts *
B1269 Journaling Jots *
1308 Whimsical Wings
B1362 Tag the Occasion
B1314 Inspiration
B1322 Believe in your Dreams
B1325 Welcome Baby
B1330 Surprise
B1332 Good Times
B1333 Merry Monsters
B1334 Enjoy the Journey
B1337 Hello There
B1395 So Grateful
B1392 Key Moments
B1348 Bowl of Cherries

C size sets are $9 or $8 with a *

C1202 Three Cheers
C1214 harvest Wonders
C1193 A Little Something
C1041 Month Blocks
C1248 Winter Reflection
C1285 Victorian Snowflakes
C1166 You and Me *
C1258 Love of my Life (l. st
C1252 Abundance Borders
C1232 Groovy Celebration
C1226 Floral Charms
C1272 Walk With Nature Tags
C1357 Botanical Borders
C1243 A Friend Is
C1205 Whimsey Caps
C1206 Whimsey LC
C1261 Finding Beauty
C1296 Color My World
C1303 Placemat Guide
C1334 The Season Defined
C1327 Snowflake Kisses
C1298 Party Invitation
C1226 Floral Charms
C1270 Pure Love
C1389 So Sweet
C1313 Celebration Bouquet
C1308 Be True
C1322 Gratitude
C1326 Frosty Borders
C1237 Relax
C1079 Playful Lower Case
C1247 Simple Blossoms
C1318 Best Wishes
C1328 Festive Frills
C1350 Dainty Thoughts
C1361 Buttoned Together
C1372 Grateful Hearts
C1378 Heartfelt Christmas
C1381 Card Chatter – Thank You
C1402 In the Month of January
C1421 The Boo Crew
C1074 Tiny Feet
C1251 Harvest Memories
C1094 Having a Ball
C1296 Color My World
C1355 Let’s Go Camping
C1356 Extreme Happiness *
C1359 Sweet Baby
C1364 TLC
C1366 Fringed Phrases
C1376 Stocking Style
C1340 Aspiration
C1403 In the Month of Feb.
C1404 In the Month of March
C1405 In the Month of April 
C1406 Hit the Spot
C1415 In the Month of May
C1416 In the Month of June
C1422 Unity *
C1211 Birthday Invitation
C1230 Speckled Eggs
C1307 Western Flourishes
C1470 Garden Gnome
C1428 Ice Crystals (2)*
C1468 Winter Joy

D size sets are $12 or 10 with an *

D1245 In My Heart (3)
D1218 Summertime
D1106 Designed for You  (l.s.)
D1012 confetti Favors
D1260 Endless Love
D1114 Create a File (l.s.)
 D1099 Holiday Accents
D1210 Moments  (st 16)
D1262 Express Postage (2)
D1217 Free Spirit (2)
D1091 Groovy
D1051 Expecting
D1286 Today’s Date
D1127 Memories
D1339 Moments in Time
D1307 Annotations
D1284 With Love
 D1202 Friendships Garden
D1342 World’s Best Dad
D1264 Angel Whispers
D1115 Princess
D1140 Miracle
D1350 Tender Tags
D1100 Classic Caps
D1135 Words to Live By
D1152 Follow Your Dreams
D1176 Youthful Heart (stained)
D1196 Floral Elements
D1130 Random Thought
D1378 Notice the Details
D1282 He Said, She Said
D1189 Floral Delight
D1139 Small Pleasures
D1181 Autumn Splendor
D1176 Youthful Hearts (new)
D1082 Made By Me
D1003 Girly Girl
D1131 Ritzy Ribbon
D1011 In the Wild
D1186 Rustic Flowers
D1200 Adorable Backgrounds
D1237 Star Struck
D1246 Sweet Love
D1160 Friendship Flowers
D1104 Delight in Everything
D1212 Playful Flourishes
D1223 Fair Blossoms
D1128 Holiday Jubilee
D1227 Legendary Moments
D1235 Ticket for All Seasons
D1304 Life’s Creation
D1328 Postmarked
D1334 Reminisce
D1126 Precious Alpha
D1424 Something Splendid (2)
D1285 Life’s A Jungle
D1250 Extreme Caps
D1351 You’ve got Flair (2)
D1409 Flower Pot (3)
D1422 A Wonderful Friend
D1295 Vintage Canada
D1349 Be Yourself
D1442 Thriller
 D1256 All Star
D1453 Friendship
D1455 Blessed (2)
D1456 Chairs
D1171 New Fallen Snow
D1224 holiday Joy
D1226 Magical Season
D1244 Snow Friends
D1315 Evergreen (st)
D1324 Christmas Melodies
D1332 Boutique Borders
D1352 It’s Your Day
D1354 Endless Friendship
D1363 Picture Perfect
D1366 Holiday Trinkets
D1369 Delightful Things
D1371 Many Thanks
D1372 Grown with Love
D1375 Treasures September
D1376 Holiday Warmth
D1379 Flourished Blessings
D1382 Holiday Hoopla
D1385 Good Work
D1406 True Friends
D1421 Cherish the Moment
D1422 Wonderful Friend
D1423 Happy Forever
D110 Give Thanks
D1170 Christmas Memories
D1204 Delight in Everything
D1180 Happy Haunting *
D1254 Soul Mates *
D1239 Kindred Spirit
D1242 Doodle Alphabet *
D1259 Eastertime *
D1261 Simple Beuaty *
D1274 Believe in Me
D1291 Celebrate Canada
D1300 Circle Around
D1258 Friendship Word Puzzle
D1309 Heart Throb
D1317 Feathery Flakes
D1320 Shining Starla Confer
D1322 Adorning Corners
D1353 Campin’ Fever
D1377 Around the Block
D1330 Connections
D1331 Dream Wishes
D1336 Cupcake Sprinklers *
D1335 Intrinsic Background
D1340 Easter Eggs
D1341 Butterfly Wings
D1402 Togetherness
Mad About You
D1403 Star Power
D1410 One of a Kind
D1413 Cherished Flourishes
D1399 Dream Big
D1394 Framed Moments
D1452 Find Your Style
D1454 Sensational Season
D1458 American Celebration
D1465 Fill in the Blank
D1438 Circle of Love
D1441 Royal Birth
D1445 Amore
D1446 Adornable
D1470 Dreams Come True
D1473 Two Step Background
D1474 Hero
D1447 Life’s Framework
D1448 Picture This

E size sets $17

Rustic, Cobblestone, Headline, Fieldtrip, Posterboard, Cocktail, Friendship, Bohemian

List of stencils:

1915 Fancy Frame Template II 4.00
1916 Fancy Frame Template III 4.00
1827 Circle Template 4.00
1829 Oval Stencils 4.00 (2)
1904 Granny’s Quilt 4.00
1840 Cloud Stencil 2.00
1832 Heart Template 4.00

Besides all of these sets I have paper sets available like the fleur papers in olive, cranberry, butter cup.
2 Serendipty sets with the stamp set for $30.00
Key to My Heart - $30
Magic Moments kit (complete kit) $20
Every Day Celebration ( w/ stamp set) $25
Dazzling Die Cut packs - $8.00, various colors
Felicity Packs $20
Life Delishts Memory Showcase, complete
Triple Pay Albums  $15(2)
Miracle kit 10
Heart of Winter  20
Sophia WOTG 23

 Various B& T sheets in retired colors – by the sheet $.25. Great for making hostess gifts, etc. I also have various bulk papers from previous idea books available.

Textured CS in various colors - .35 a sheet.

12 x 12 Base Pages in Black Bamboo, New England, Ind. Corn Blue Base Pages - $9.00
Special Packs: Pride,  Graduation – all three come with cutting guides and embellishments. Metalic Combo set $9.00
Fleur: Vellum, Buttercup - $7.50
Creative Basic Holiday, Jingle, Boom Diada, Mistletoe, Veranda, Animal Cookies, Evensong, Mistletoes, Emporium, Wings   8.00
Paper packs: 10.00 Level 2
Enchanted, That’s Amore, Passages, Perfect Day, Evensong, Sarsperilla, Twitterpated, Manifique,  Wild Adventure, Jingle, Mayberry, Hooligans, Notebook
Kits: 9.00 for older Level 1 kits and 8 for newer ones
Traditional Holidays, Enchantd,  laid Back, Best Friends Forever,  Backcountry, Free Spirit, Notebook, Perfect Day, Aspen,  Jingle, Grace, Cherry-o,  Emporium, Zippedee, Tinkerin, Magnifique, Floral Tapestry, Wings, Caboodles, Mistletoes, Heaven Sent, Hooligans, Topstitch, Boom di Ada
 Card Kits 10.00
Peaceful Season, Pretty Purses, Rex & Friends ,Cute as a Button, Happy Everything, It’s Your Day, Hello Birdie, Festive Memories, Bits and Pieces, Around the Holidays

Stickers: 6.00 (all 4 sheets of stickers) and $4 for newer sticker packs (have multiple of some)
Abundance, Everlasting, Rustic Trail, Discovery, That’s Amore, School Zone, Stardust, Magic Moments, Vintage Travel, More to Adore, Rough & Tumble, Route 66, Majestic Blue,  Caprice, Bella, Jingle, Sweet Home, Grace, Cherry O, Veranda, Splendor, Zippidee, Lucky, Wings, Mistletoe, Magnifique, Believe, Roxie, Perfect Day, Let’s get together, Sweetheart, Bliss, Mayberry, Dreamin, Midnight, Unforgettable, Blue Ribbon, Days to Cherish, Elemental Compliments, Hooligans

Snapshots Pages: $7.00
Let’s Get Together, Free Spirit, More to Adore

I have many dimensional elements (like alphabet elements) in stock and other embellishments, just check with me and I will look.

Rub-0n: $6
All ou-t Adventure, Love Letters, Nature’s Ambience, Love Letters, Remarks, Across the Board, Winter Cheer,

Other Stickers $3.0

Sweetheart, Lots of Dots, Color Ready Alpha, Seasonson Journaling Prompts, About Me Prompts  
Check with me what you are looking for and a number of discontinued paper packs and kits. I also have some more stamp sets, I have not been able to add, that goes for woodmounted as well as acrylic sets. Ask me if you are looking for something in papers or sets. If you are local you are always welcome to stop by my house for “shopping”!
Shipping is not included in any of these items
I also have Ideabooks available still from Summer 2007 to Fall 2011 for .50 ea plus shipping. Email me with your zipcode for proper shipping quote at for inquiries.

Updated 4-21-2012

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