Friday, May 27, 2016

Say it is not so!

 Say it is not so! But here are some of your favorite items that will go away soon! Grab them while you can ... :) Of course, we have to make room for all the cool new things coming at convention in June. The new items will not be available until August. We may have teasers in July ... :)

 You can find all those wonderful items in my shopping area - while supplies last!

Item # Description Catalog


Watch for some of the highlighted items! There are other items that  

I will hate to see go - but I am sure there are wonderful things in  

store for us! But if you love the shimmer trim - do not let it go  

through your hands!  


G1096 Workshops on the Go® Zoe Scrapbooking Kit Annual 15-16
G1097 Workshops on the Go® Sangria Scrapbooking Kit Annual 15-16
G1100 Workshops on the Go® La Vie En Rose  Scrapbooking Kit Annual 15-16
G1101 Workshops on the Go® Kaleidoscope Cardmaking Kit Annual 15-16
G1102 Workshops on the Go® Georgie Scrapbooking Kit Annual 15-16
G1103 Workshops on the Go® Urban Scrapbooking Kit Annual 15-16
X7197B My Reflections™ Zoe Paper Packet Annual 15-16
X7197C Zoe Complements Annual 15-16
X7199B My Reflections™ Sangria Paper Packet Annual 15-16
X7199C Sangria Complements Annual 15-16
X7201B My Reflections™ La Vie En Rose Paper Packet Annual 15-16
X7201C La Vie En Rose Complements Annual 15-16
X7202B My Reflections™ Kaleidoscope Paper Packet Annual 15-16
X7202C Kaleidoscope Complements Annual 15-16
X7203B My Reflections™ Georgie Paper Packet Annual 15-16
X7203C Georgie Complements Annual 15-16
X7204B My Reflections™ Urban Paper Packet Annual 15-16
X7204C Urban Complements Annual 15-16
Z1475 3” x 3” White Daisy Envelopes Annual 15-16
Z1476 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" White Daisy Envelopes Annual 15-16
Z1477 5” x 7” White Daisy Envelopes Annual 15-16
Z1478 6” x 6” White Daisy Envelopes Annual 15-16
Z1725 Adhesive Springs Annual 15-16
Z1750 Display Tray  Annual 15-16
Z1752 Sparkles Clear Assortment  Annual 15-16
Z1756 3” x 3” Colonial White Envelopes Annual 15-16
Z1757 4.25 x 5.5 Colonial White Envelopes Annual 15-16
Z1758 5” x 7” Colonial White Envelopes Annual 15-16
Z1759 6” x 6” Colonial White Envelopes Annual 15-16
Z1816 Durables Artisan Studs Annual 15-16
Z1833 My Creations® Kraft Container Annual 15-16
Z1838 5 x 7 Hinged Display Tray Annual 15-16
Z1849 Bronze Shimmer Trim Annual 15-16
Z1851 Scallop Border Punch Annual 15-16
Z1853 Aqua Dots Annual 15-16
Z1871 My Creations® Kraft 3-Ring Album Annual 15-16
Z1903 Base & Bling Adhesive Dots Annual 15-16
Z1904 Base & Bling Adhesive Strips Annual 15-16
Z1918 Teal Shimmer Trim Annual 15-16
Z1919 Purple Shimmer Trim Annual 15-16
Z1922 Pink Glitter Paper Annual 15-16
Z1924 Dot Embossing Folder Annual 15-16
Z1925 Chevron Embossing Folder Annual 15-16
Z1926 Quatrefoil Embossing Folder Annual 15-16
Z1927 Damask Embossing Folder Annual 15-16
Z1928 Durables Triangle Studs Annual 15-16
Z1934 Flamingo Dots Annual 15-16
Z1953 My Creations® Journaling Cards Box Annual 15-16
Z1956 Hip Pics Album Annual 15-16
Z1960 Stripe Embossing Folder Annual 15-16
Z1980 My Legacy Cocoa Damask D-Ring Annual 15-16
Z1981 My Legacy Slate Circles D-Ring Annual 15-16
Z1982 My Legacy Cocoa Damask Post Bound  Annual 15-16
Z1983 My Legacy Slate Cirlces Post Bound  Annual 15-16
Z1986 Pink Shimmer Trim Annual 15-16
Z1991 Teal Glitter Paper Annual 15-16
Z1992 Purple Glitter Paper Annual 15-16
Z1993 Arrow Embossing Folder Annual 15-16
Z1994 Floral Embossing Folder Annual 15-16
Z1995 Honeycomb Embossing Folder Annual 15-16
Z1996 Woodgrain Embossing Folder Annual 15-16
Z1997 Triangle Border Punch Annual 15-16
Z1998 Chevron Border Punch Annual 15-16
Z2006 Designed Décor Red Magnetic Chalkboard Annual 15-16
Z2009 Red Enamel Hearts Annual 15-16
Z2010 White Enamel Stars Annual 15-16
Z2015 Designed Décor Black Shadow Box Annual 15-16
Z2016 Designed Décor Colonial White Shadow Box Annual 15-16
Z2023 Bling Gems Gold Assortment  Annual 15-16
Z2028 Designer Creations Short Stack Album Annual 15-16
Z2036 Designer Creations Slate Paper Bags Annual 15-16
Z2037 Designer Creations Lagoon Paper Bags Annual 15-16
Z2038 Designer Creations Ruby Paper Bags Annual 15-16
Z2039 Designer Creations Honey Paper Bags Annual 15-16
Z2049 Designer Creations Cupcake Box Annual 15-16
Z2050 Designer Creations Takeout Box Annual 15-16
Z2053 Designer Creations Buttoned Bag Annual 15-16
Z2054 Base & Bling Journey Style Sheet Annual 15-16
Z2055 Base & Bling Signature Style Sheet Annual 15-16
Z2090 My Legacy Lagoon Chevron D-Ring Album Annual 15-16
Z2091 My Legacy Ruby Floral D-Ring Annual 15-16
Z2092 My Legacy Lagoon Chevron Post Bound  Annual 15-16
Z2093 My Legacy Ruby Floral Post Bound  Annual 15-16
Z3018 Heart Embossing Folder Annual 15-16
Z3019 Vine Embossing Folder Annual 15-16
Z3020 Diamond Embossing Folder Annual 15-16
Z3021 Scallop Embossing Folder Annual 15-16
Z3025 Blue Shimmer Trim Annual 15-16
Z3032 Rolling Tote Annual 15-16
Z3034 My Legacy BlackD-Ring Annual 15-16
Z3035 Pixie Extra Thick Twine  Annual 15-16
Z3036 Flaxen Extra Thick Twine  Annual 15-16
Z3039 Glacier Extra Thick Twine Annual 15-16
Z3040 Thistle Extra Thick Twine Annual 15-16
Z3043 My Creations™ Black Mini Book Annual 15-16
Z3044 My Creations™ Kraft Mini Book Annual 15-16
Z3069 My Creations™ Mini Mix Album Annual 15-16
Z3070 My Creations™ Mini Folio Annual 15-16
Z3078 La Vie En Rose Assortment Annual 15-16
Z3079 Urban Assortment Annual 15-16
Z3082 Zoe Assortment Annual 15-16
Z3084 Sangria Assortment Annual 15-16
Z3085 Kaleidoscope Assortment Annual 15-16
Z3092 Georgie Assortment Annual 15-16
Z3114 Roller Stamp This Happened Annual 15-16
Z3115 Roller Stamp Day-to-Day Annual 15-16
Z3137  My Creations™ Pint-Sized Container  Annual 15-16
Z3145  Picture My Life Overlay Black  Annual 15-16
Z3147  Cut Above™ Dapper Giraffe Card Kit  Annual 15-16
Z3148  Cut Above™ Beautiful Blossoms Card Kit  Annual 15-16
Z3168 Cricut® Artfully Sent Collection Annual 15-16
Z3170 Cricut® Artiste Collection Annual 15-16
Z3171 Cricut® Art Philosophy Collection Annual 15-16
Z3173 Base & Bling Affirmations Style Sheet Annual 15-16
Z3174 Base & Bling Lovely Blooms Style Sheet Annual 15-16
Z3177 Picture My Life™ Through the Year Scrapbooking Program Annual 15-16
Z3178 Picture My Life™ Childhood Scrapbooking Program Annual 15-16
Z3179 Picture My Life™ Georgie Scrapbooking Program Annual 15-16
Z3180 Picture My Life™ Going Places Scrapbooking Program Annual 15-16
Z3181 Picture My Life™ Beautiful You Scrapbooking Program Annual 15-16
Z3182  Instalife™ Album–Berry  Annual 15-16
Z3183  Instalife™ Album–Teal  Annual 15-16
Z3186  Instalife™ Cards–Colorful Me  Annual 15-16
Z3187  Instalife™ Cards–The Bright Side  Annual 15-16

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Happy Times May Workshop

Happy Times May Workshop Cards

 Here are the three cards we will be making this month for the card workshop. We will be using the "Happy Times" paper paper and the "Happy Times" stamp set, which will only be available this month.

Here are the details of the cards:

 Don't you just love those colors! This cards was really easy to put together. For the border on the sentiment I used the gold marker, very easy! I will list all the supplies for these cards on the bottom. I lifted the sentiment also with some thin 3-D tape. The ribbon knot is glued on top of the ribbon, make it easy on yourself!

The Shimmer Trim is one of my favorite embellishments! On this card I cut the trim in half and put it on top of one of the zip strips from the paper. I also distressed the fern cardstock. Distressing gives the artwork more depth. You may notice, I also distressed the sentiment piece.

For the sentiment I started on the bottom with Pomegranate, then Sorbet, then second generation in Sorbet - wonderful effect. Love it! I used C1633 For Family for the message.

Once again, I used second generation stamping on this card and distressing. The beautiful cardstock really sets this card apart!

Here is the list of supplies for the three cards:

CC1063 Happy Times paper pack
CC1064 Happy Times stamp set
C1633 For Family
B1594 Sending Love
X5777 Fern CS
X5772 Canary CS
1385 White Daisy CS
Z2653 Pomegranate Ink
Z2164 Sorbet
Z2650 Fern Ink
Z2060 Thin 3-D tape
Z1986 Pink Shimmer Trim
Z3088 Coral Shimmer Trim
Y1003 2 x 2 Block
Y1002 1 x 3 1/2 Block

You can find all the items above right here.  I will have the class on May 26 at either 10 am or 7 pm. Please let me know if you would like to participate. If you are not close enough. I would love to put a kit together for you. Contact me now!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Upcoming May workshop

Hope you can join us - we will try to work in some interesting techniques again.  This is the paper and stamp set we will use. They will only be available this month!

We normally make at least 3 projects, but we will see how many we can finish for this class.  Hope you can join me.
Check my blog if you would like to see details about the previous workshops and how we put the cards together!
The fee will be $10, that will cover the supplies for the cards and the fee for the meetup group and me pre-cutting the projects. So, please if you RSVP, let me know if you cannot make it at least a day in advance, thank you.

Please RSVP as soon as possible to hold your spot, I always have several people attend who are not part of the meetup group, thanks. Space is limited - I already have several  people who said, they want to come! Please let me know if you prefer a morning or evening class - I may add a morning class if I have enough interest for it.
Please let me know if you would like me to add a scrapbooking class as well. Several people have expressed an interest in that. I will also need to know if you will be available in the morning or evening.

If you do not have any of the items below, please contact me and I can help you get them either ordered or let you know which of the items we will use that evening. Check my website for the items you may want to stock your toolbox with :).

Your basic tool kit for scrapbook or card classes should be at least:
•  Scissors
• favorite adhesive: tombow style adhesive, glue dots, glue pen
• foam mounting tape
• bone folder

If you have them also bring:
• ruler
• pencil

• cutting mat
• exacto knife
• tweezers
• piercing tool
• sponging and sanding tool
• corner rounder
• 12" trimmer
We may not always use all of these items, but its a good thing to have these items in your "tool box". You can always order additional items at my website before you come to class :) and  I always have extra supplies on hand, but things will go smoother if you have your own items with you. I will have all the other supplies for you like paper, embellishments, etc.
Thanks, hope to hear from you soon!



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Monday, May 9, 2016

May 2016 newsletter

The new Seasonal Expressions is here!

I am so excited to introduce the newest book - the Expressions 2 for this year. You will not believe all the fun new products in this little book! You will have to just see them to appreciate them. You can check them all out  here. I will highlight some of the new items in my blog and on my facebook page, so be sure to follow me in both areas.

Be sure to know that the Annual Idea book will be good through July. The Expressions is good through August. So, make sure you get all the goodies you like before those dates.

25% Off All My Legacy™ Albums
Get them while you can!
Now through the end of May, you can save 25% on the purchase of Close To My Heart's amazing My Legacy™ albums! That is a savings of over $8.50 per album! Choose from our gorgeous variety of colors colours and patterns available in both post-bound and D-ring styles. But this offer is only available while supplies last, so place your order early to make sure you get the styles and colors colours you love. They're built to last and going fast-order yours today!
*Offer valid while supplies last. Sale ends May 31, 2016 (11:59 pm MDT). Shipping/handling is calculated based on the full retail price of the discounted items.

National Scrapbooking Month-Happy Times

Celebrate Happy Times with Exclusive Papers and Stamps!

Happy Times
Happy times can be yours during the month of May thanks to National Scrapbooking Month! With a qualifying purchase of $60, you can get the exclusive Happy Times paper packet for FREE! This fun paper packet, which is available for one month only, features floral designs, gold foil details, and more! You can also purchase this exclusive paper packet at full retail for $14.95 with no purchase requirement. Get the coordinating D-size stamp set, My Acrylix
® Happy Times, for $17.95. Together with the Happy Times paper packet, this stamp set will help keep your precious memories vivid and bright in the pages of your scrapbook.
Contact me for more details.
*Offer valid May 1, 2016 (9:00 am MDT)-May 31, 2016 (11:59 pm MDT).
Happy Times Paper Packet
Get the Happy Times Paper Packet for $14.95 or, during our May promotion, place a qualifying order and get the exclusive Happy Times paper packet for FREE!
Happy Times Stamp Set
Get the coordinating D-size stamp set, My Acrylix® Happy Times, for for $17.95.

Workshops and classes

This is one of the cards we made at the last workshop in April. it is always fun to get together and make new friends - I love it! We also made a couple of more cards using the water color pallet from Close to my Heart.
The next class will be May 26 and I will offer a morning and evening class. Please let me know as soon as possible, if you would like to attend.
Also, if you are interested in a crop, please let me know what times and days will work out best for you and I will try to make it work for you. I am working on getting some facebook parties together. The new live option is exciting, which means I can show you some really exciting techniques. I can show you some of the new products and I can answer your questions right then and there! The party will not last a week, but just one hour - you may even want to consider that as an option for you to have a party. Invite your friends and I will have a party for you! Forget cleaning your house :) Let me know and I will help you with the details.

Stamp of the Month

Spend $50 and get this Stamp of the Month set for just $5.

May 2016: Celebrate with Cake


S1605, set of 17

Innovative, creative, and always versatile-here's just one example of these stamps in use.
Recommended Blocks:
1" × 1" (Y1000)
1" × 3 1/2" (Y1002)
2" × 2" (Y1003)
2" × 3 1/2" (Y1009)

Beautiful Stamps, Amazing Discounts

Each month you can purchase a new D-size stamp set, available for one month only, for just $5. When you place an order of $50 or more in Close To My Heart products, you qualify for this special Stamp of the Month pricing.

Last Words

I tried to keep this as short and sweet as possible! Ha! Once you check out the newest book - you will find we have some really cool new paper and other items you find you must have! You may want to have a party and you find you must have it all. Either way it goes - I can help you with any of those things. Remember, any of our items can be used for much more than scrapbooking. Card makers, Direct sellers - yes, Direct sellers can benefit from many of our products. If you need to organize anything - I can help you. Home decor - our Cricut cartridges are perfect for that. Let me help you make things easier for you!
Happy crafting and have a great day for now!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Past Spring Workshops 2016

The stamp sets featured in these cards are not available anymore, but I still wanted to share, because the patterns for the cards can easily be used on other cards as well. 

On the spring cards I used CTMH water colors on each card. I love to use our water colors, because they are so rich and creamy! Now, with our new brushes, applying the color is even easier!

Waterbrush—Medium Flat

When I made the bunny card, it was easy to make the grass with Washi Tape. I love Washi Tape, in all kinds of different colors - it is so versatile!

The "Thanks" card was very easy to put together. Can you see, how I used the ribbon underneath the sentiment for accent? Very simple, but it adds a lot to the card. Add some distressing to the edge of your card and you are good to go! Easy, quick and simple, yet a nice card.

Have fun!

You can find this and all the new products at

Hello and thank you for stopping by!

This is my first attempt on a blog - can you tell? I am sure you can. From what I have learned about blogs they are like an online journal and you are getting a peak into my soul ...

At this time I am trying to learn how to post my artwork with watermark and copyright and all that jazz -but I a, learning. My plan is to post my work and along with it I will explain what I used and how I made the project.

As we go along, I will also give you a peak into my life. I will share some pictures of my family, places we have been, places we have visited. So, please come back and visit often. Just know, that I am very new to this blogging thing! So, at this time - any help you can give me is highly appreciated in growing my skills in "blogging".

If you live close to me and you would like to join me in my craft place or one my crops please, check my calendar for any upcoming workshops!

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