Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Love what you can do with those dimensionals! You can find all the different available dimensionals here. Remember, you can always join an ongoing party, by just clicking "join" when you either start your purchase or end your purchase.

Ask me, how easy it is to earn your own free product!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

More Studio J layouts and pictures

So, I only had an afternoon and I had to get these pictures on layouts and on a canvas somehow! I love Studio J, because I can get something done in a hurry! The first two layouts are really not layouts. They are our new freestyle pages for me to put the pictures on the page in whatever size I want them to be. I could actually have put them in a picmonkey layout and them downloaded them and print them through Studio J if I wanted to do that. But I need these pictures in some very specific sizes.

All Studio J layouts are printed on matte photo quality paper, much better than I would get anywhere else - unless I would go to a photo studio. Then I would pay a whole lot more than in Studio J. That is why we call it - Studio J! After convention, I will be able to post my layouts we will be making at convention with the photos from above - yes, convention will be fun again this year!

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