Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Yeah! Check out the newest segment on how to use our cute little monogram stamp sets - love them. They are only $2.95 each and they are so versatile. Since you can purchase them one letter at a time, you don't need to get the whole alphabet - love that!

Have fun!

Margit aka Scrappingbee

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wedding pictures, yeah!

 Here are some pictures from my son's, wedding. Patrick could not be happier. They went to Disney World for their honey moon and they even found an apartment already. All they need now is earn a bit more money and they will be moving down there in a couple more months.

As you can see, their wedding was Halloween based - they both love the movies, so Jack and Sally attended the wedding on top of their wedding cake :).

They both did a wonderful job with their vows. Christen cried when Patrick said his - I cried a well ... just a mother is supposed to ... ha. Now I have a daughter. Many people think of a wedding as loosing their child, I saw it as gaining another one - not in a bad way. I love family. When I think back of all the great times I have had with both of my boys ... all I can say is that I am so grateful that I was able to spend the time with them. Thank you for teaching me how to play Pokemon - and yes, I even beat them at it. There are so many other things they tried to teach me, but most of all they taught me how to love, there is nothing more precious.

So, Patrick - I wish you and your bride all the best in your life. May the Lord always bless you. Love always, Mom.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Alcohol Marker Madness with CTMH

So, here is another installment how you can use our new alcohol markers with our acrylic stamps. The markers are very easy to use. They are different from the Copic markers, they are less expensive - they are an alternative. We do have a great blending pen for the markers, but it is used differently than a regular blending pen, in that it actually erases your color. So, play around and see what you can with those beautiful new markers!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Cordinate your stamping with cricut


Hey there, here is another great video for you. Right now I am sitting at Starbuck's drinking my hot chocolate, eating a piece of my cake since I don't have internet yet in my new, old house (lol). The house is still a mess, but my scrapping room will look so cool! I've got it painted now, when I get back I will add some wall decor and soon I will have all my things back in there. I will have lots of room again to have workshops. I am so excited about that! Yeah! There will be room for my cricut as well - speaking of cricut - there are so many cool things you can do with the cricut! Oh the things you can do ... watch and have fun.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Base and Shade and stamp on multiple surfaces!


Here are the next two segments of our great series from our stamping tutorials. I love those videos. When I started as a consultant over 18 years ago I learned the base and shade technique, but I used wood mounted stamps. Back then I had to use a stamp guide and hope it would work and not mess up. More than once I ended up with scrap! Acrylic stamps made it so much easier to do both of those techniques! Have fun to play.

Margit aka Scrappingbee

Its time again for our online party - yeah! This Month you can get get our Stamp of the Month for only $5 with any $50 purchase!  The set is stinkin' cute! Check it out on the website!

This month is also a great month to check out Studio J, because when you purchase 10 layouts you will get the 10th layout free - there is no limit!

Hope you are taking advantage of all our great tutorials we are putting out. Close to my Heart is almost taking my work away by not having to show all the cool things you can do with our stamps - almost ... ha! I would love to show you more! So, get in touch with me - I would love to help you get started with your projects. Get those things out of the drawer! Things in the drawer are very expensive. Only when you pull them out and do something with them do they become a bargain!

If you are looking for a quick project - check out one of our Workshop of the Go kits. Everything is in one place. Love those kits!

Need to get quick pages done - consider our Express Layouts in Studio J. Check it out, play around - you don't pay until you press the purchase button. And yes - they count towards a party, hostess rewards. It cannot get better!

My special incentive this month is that for every $75 order you will receive a free marker set of your choice. Just email me with your choice  with "Free Marker set" in the subject line and I will send you the marker set. Remember - I always have a drawing for the free product from the orders placed in those online parties. The more orders - the more I can give away. Maybe you want to have your own party to get it all - :).

Take care for now and happy stamping.

Margit aka scrappingbee
The only person missing was our oldest son, Patrick - he will be getting married in a couple of weeks. But after 34 years of service to the United States Army my husband, Francis is finally retiring from the military. He has has a number of commands here in the US and abroad in Germany and Iraq. He has had a number of deployments and still found time for his family. We were always able to connect somehow.

He can be proud of his service and the many awards he has received, I know we are. Thanks, honey for your service and to all the other men and their families who are still serving...

Hello and thank you for stopping by!

This is my first attempt on a blog - can you tell? I am sure you can. From what I have learned about blogs they are like an online journal and you are getting a peak into my soul ...

At this time I am trying to learn how to post my artwork with watermark and copyright and all that jazz -but I a, learning. My plan is to post my work and along with it I will explain what I used and how I made the project.

As we go along, I will also give you a peak into my life. I will share some pictures of my family, places we have been, places we have visited. So, please come back and visit often. Just know, that I am very new to this blogging thing! So, at this time - any help you can give me is highly appreciated in growing my skills in "blogging".

If you live close to me and you would like to join me in my craft place or one my crops please, check my calendar for any upcoming workshops!

A scrapbooker's quilting bee!