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September Newsletter

Close to my Heart

September 2013
Fall Delights
Dear Margit,

We are finally moved into our new home in Florida! Yeah! In the evening we can actually watch the fireworks from our bedroom window or our front porch - very nice. But I am still in the process of organizing my creative room, some of my things are still in KY - by October, all of those things should be in our home. Be on the lookout soon for a little video on how I have everything organized.

In the meantime, I am posting all the specials on my blog and facebook.

Margit McCabe
Close to my Heart
Bring in the Big Savings!

This month you can bring in some big savings with a couple of specials we have going.

1. Our National Stamping Month Special - with a $50 purchase you qualify for the set for only $10 (a $47.90 value).

2. And you qualify for our Stamp of the Month set for only $5 (a $17.95 value). You just got $115 product for $65!

On my blog I also posted a nice little deal for you how you can save on one of our starter sets for our album kits. You can save 10% off that kit and you can save even more and you will get a gift from me!
Have a Crush?
Fall in Love with quick and easy memory keeping.

With our two new My Crush™ books, Modville and Bluebird, preserving everyday memories and mementos is a snap! The little things that normally get lost in the busyness of life will be safe within your book's pages. With just a little tape, glue, or even a paper clip, you'll be able to preserve life's adventures as they happen - ticket stubs, receipts, photos, and fast journaling

And thanks to the coordinating My Stickease® images, journaling spots, alphabets, and envelope pockets in the four My Crush assortments, you'll make beauty in no time at all. Fall head-over-heels for the ease of scrapbooking on the go with our new, handy-sized My Crush books!

 Check out the new My Crush books

Even though you may not be close to me, you can always place your orders right from my website or contact me through email and I will be glad to place the order for you and have the order shipped right to you. As you place your order you can either join one of the ongoing online parties or better yet, lets get one started for you, so you may be able to reap the rewards for it!

You can order your new idea book now from my blog, or you can get it free, by placing an order or be a hostess!

As I want to set myself up now in Florida, I will appreciate any referrals you might have in this area. Of course - I will reward them with a gift!

Take care for now and don't miss all the great new things coming our way in August with the new book. I will have an "Open House" for the new book, even if it is virtual!

Take care,
Close to my Heart
PO Box 470698
Kissimmee, Florida 34747
In This Issue
Are you social?
Throughout the month I am adding content to my blog, my facebook page and now my pintereste board. As I do this, I do not want to keep sending out a newsletter - you may not appreciate it :).

So, if you want to stay on top of what is going on you may want to start following one of those place:

Like us on FacebookFind me on Google+Find me on Pinterest

Visit my blog

My goal is to start google hangouts on a regular basis. In those hangouts, I would like to showcase some of our cool products and show you how to use them. The hangouts will be recorded so you can revisit them. The nice thing about hangouts is, that you can ask me questions, once I am done with my demonstration. It's like a gathering on a national basis!

How cool is that! You don't have to leave the house for it - yeah! So, lets' spread the word, join me in my google circle - you don't need gmail. I can start our google community and we are off!

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At this time I am trying to learn how to post my artwork with watermark and copyright and all that jazz -but I a, learning. My plan is to post my work and along with it I will explain what I used and how I made the project.

As we go along, I will also give you a peak into my life. I will share some pictures of my family, places we have been, places we have visited. So, please come back and visit often. Just know, that I am very new to this blogging thing! So, at this time - any help you can give me is highly appreciated in growing my skills in "blogging".

If you live close to me and you would like to join me in my craft place or one my crops please, check my calendar for any upcoming workshops!

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