Monday, December 21, 2015

Learn Watercolor brush lettering with CTMH

Jill Broadbend with Close to my Heart shows in a tutorial how you can learn calligraphy with our watercolors. Get your brushes and start playing!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

13 Ways to Beat Holiday Stress

13 Ways to Beat Holiday Stress

by Close To My Heart

If you have not read the post this week yet from Close to my Heart - then I wanted to share it with you - not everyone gets their blog - this is a really good post and this is truly from my heart to yours - enjoy :)
What do you want to remember about this year’s holiday season? Probably not how stressed you feel about all there is to do and buy. We want to help keep your spirits up so you can focus on what matters most: family, friends, and the memories you create together. That’s why we're sharing some tips on lowering your stress levels and keeping your holiday memories purely joyous!
1. Go for a walk in the sunshine. The rhythm of walking calms the brain and improves sleep. Who knew? Daytime strolls are particularly effective because the sun relieves symptoms of seasonal affective disorder. If the sun is rare where you live in the wintertime, take advantage of every day it does show its face. Sounds like it’s time to go outside!Ditch stress this holiday season! #ctmh #CloseToMyHeart #Holidays #stress
2. Make a soothing spot. Find a place—your bedroom, your deck, or even a corner of your desk—and dedicate it to calm. Keep any stress-inducing items far away! Instead, hang up beautiful artwork you’ve made, pictures of those you love, or even paint the wall your favorite color. Cool colors like blue and green are especially good at telling your brain to relax.
3. Use a planner! There are many benefits to organizing your time, which is one of the many reasons we created our Everyday Life™ planner system. Writing down reminders like grocery lists saves your brain the work of remembering the information. Creating a schedule also helps you feel in control of your life, which reduces your anxiety. Be proactive by ordering our planner system for next year. You’ll experience peace of mind knowing you’re all ready for 2016 to begin!Ditch stress this holiday season! #ctmh #CloseToMyHeart #Holidays #stress
4. Ditch technology for a while. While it’s true that laptops and iPhones can make life easier, it’s also a good idea to occasionally take breaks from them. Why? So your adrenaline can stop racing from all the noises and alerts of your electronic devices. Lower adrenaline equals lower stress. Besides, it’s always amazing how much more time you have to complete your to-do list when you turn off the television and step away from the computer.
5. Combine holiday preparations with socializing. If you’ve gotta do something, why not do it with people you love? Social people are less likely to catch colds and more likely to catch good sleep. Have your friends over to wrap presents, make cards and decorations, and (of course) scrapbook your holiday memories!Ditch stress this holiday season! #ctmh #CloseToMyHeart #Holidays #stress
6. Laugh! You always hear that laughter is the best medicine, but do you know why? There are actually physiological reasons why laughter is so great for your health. In some studies, laughter appeared to reduce stress hormones, pain, and blood sugar levels. So go ahead: Pull out your scrapbook album with last Halloween’s funny pictures, take funny photos with your kids or grandkids, or make a silly card. You deserve a good giggle!
7. Hold hands with a loved one. The emotional benefits of being close to someone you care about are reason enough. Plus, traditional Chinese medicine teaches us that applying pressure to the fleshy place between your thumb and index finger can release tension in your upper body. Cool, huh?Ditch stress this holiday season! #ctmh #CloseToMyHeart #Holidays #stress
8. Reward yourself! In all your holiday shopping, don’t forget to get yourself something every now and then. It’ll boost your mood and get you motivated to conquer your next task. After a long day on your feet, go ahead and get yourself a little something special—doctor’s orders! ;)
9. Have a snack. Try to eat something every two to three hours. Snacks high in carbs and low in fat—pretzels, tortilla chips, and unbuttered popcorn, for instance—are especially helpful because they have been shown to increase your levels of serotonin, a brain chemical that helps you feel calm.Ditch stress this holiday season! #ctmh #CloseToMyHeart #Holidays #stress
10. Express gratitude. People who list what they’re thankful for are more optimistic and report fewer health problems than those who don’t. But why keep the gratitude to yourself? Spread the joy around by making your loved ones thank you cards expressing your gratitude.
11. Cash in on holiday scents. Science suggests that certain smells are therapeutic. For instance, pine can decrease hostility and depression levels, citrus can boost your mood, and peppermint can increase motivation, energy, and confidence. And there’s a bonus: Smell is the sense most connected to memory, so a whiff of gingerbread can bring back the good ol’ days of baking with Grandma!Ditch stress this holiday season! #ctmh #CloseToMyHeart #Holidays #stress
12. Crank up the tunes! When “Frosty the Snowman” comes on the radio, belt along, because singing can reduce your stress hormone levels. Not a singer? Luckily for you, even listening to your favorite music increases blood flow to your brain (which helps you think straight).
13. Take time for your hobbies. You didn’t think we’d forget this one, did you? ;) Concentrating too long on tasks may lower your productivity. Spending even a few minutes on an activity you enjoy (like scrapbooking) gives your mind a break, so pull out your artwork and work on it for 10 minutes. When you return to your original task, your brain will be more focused and ready to work.Ditch stress this holiday season! #ctmh #CloseToMyHeart #Holidays #stress
Don’t send stress an invitation to your next holiday party. Instead, take a deep breath and try these tips. Let this special season be the best one you’ve ever had and make some merry memories!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Texturizing Techniques

Learn some new techniques to spice up your scrapbooking pages and cards. Jill, from Close to my Heart, shows you how to do fun things like embossing the non-traditional way, dynamic journaling, and plastic sponging. There are a couple of techniques I did not know about or have forgotten about. Have fun playing around next time you create!

When you need supplies, get a start at my website!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Don't forget - these will go away on Dec. 31

Here are a few items that will go away by the end of this month - anything that is compatible with the cricut should stay - but all the other items, that are seasonal will retire!

Workshops on the Go® White Pines Cardmaking Kit

Item Number: G1099

Product Description

Workshops on the Go® White Pines Cardmaking Kit Contents:
1 – My Acrylix® White Pines Workshop Stamp Set (D-size)
2 – White Pines B&T Duos™ Papers
5 – Cardstock Sheets(2 Fern, 2 White Daisy, 1 Cranberry)
15 – White Daisy Cards & Envelopes
1 – Bitty Sparkles (Z1263)
1 – Fern Thick Twine (Z3093)
1 – Instructional Brochure
Featured Colors: Chocolate, Cranberry, Fern, Colonial White
Use the materials and instructions in this kit to create 15 beautiful cards (5 each of 3 designs).

Workshops on the Go® White Pines Scrapbooking Kit

Item Number: G1098

Product Description

Workshops on the Go® White Pines Scrapbooking Kit Contents:
1 – My Reflections™ White Pines Paper Packet (X7200B)
1 – My Acrylix® White Pines Workshop Stamp Set (D-size)
4 – Cardstock Sheets (2 Colonial White, 1 Chocolate, 1 Glacier)
1 – White Pines Assortment (Z3077)
1 – Red Enamel Gems (Z3090)
1 – Instructional Brochure
Featured Colors: Chocolate, Cranberry, Fern, Colonial White
Use the materials and instructions in this kit to create two beautiful 2-page layouts.
Stamp images outlined in red coordinate with the Cricut® Artistry Collection (Z3167).

I love the set in this scrapbook kit! It is not just for scrap booking - it makes the most beautiful cards!

Holiday Greetings
$2.95 M1129
Doubly Merry
$2.95 M1128
Hand-Lettered Christmas
$2.95 M1127
This Is Christmas

Cut Above™ Boughs & Berries Card Kit

Item Number: Z3150

Product Description

Materials to make ten 5 ½" × 4 ½" cards, including card bases, envelopes, die-cuts, and embellishments.

You can always browse through the ideabooks  right here and see, what you might have missed!

Please, let me know how I might help you to make the season merrier.

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Fall 2015 workshops

Due to some Health reasons over the last little while I have had to play a little bit of catch up with my posts. So, here are some of the last few workshops I have had. These are the cards we made in October. I am listing all the materials you will need to make these cards. The Twinkle set is now retired. However, I may be able to get you another set from another consultant if you contact me ... :)

I also posted a video on this blog already on some alternative for one of the cards. Hopefully, you will check it out. Love to play around with different ways of making cards!

As you can see, I used the embossing folder on both cards.

Twinkle Stamp of the Month Card

S1510 Twinkle                                  $5 (if $50 purchase is made otherwise $17.95)
1385 Daisy White Cardstock           $14.50
Z2195 Lagoon Ink                             $5.95
Z2165 Honey Ink                              $5.95
Z2174 Champaign Ink                     $5.95
$2653 Pomegranate Ink                  $5.95
Z899   Memento Ink                         $7.95
Z1979 Le Pen                                    $3.25
Z1790 Artiste Cartridge                   $99.90
Z679  Liquid Glass Glue                    $6.95
Z3118 Confetti Embossing Folder  $8.95
Y1002 Block 1 x 3 ½                                    $5.95
Y1009 Block 2 x 3 ½                                    $7.50
Red ribbon
Favorite adhesive

Boughs and Berries Card

Z3150 Boughs and Berries Kit        $11.95
Z3087 Green Shimmer Trim                       $4.95
Z2174 Champaign Ink                     $5.95
Z2503 Black pigment ink                 $1.95  (or $19.95 in basic color set)
Y1002 Block 1 x 3 1.2                      $5.95
Y1003 Block 2 x 2                             $6.50
Z2060 3-D thin tape                         $5.95

Falling Leaves Card

B1492 Falling Leaves                       $9.95
C1619 So many Smiles                     $13.95
X5780 Pomegranate Cardstock      $14.50
1243 Goldrush Cardstock                $14.50
X5764 Pear Cardstock                     $14.50
Z2653 Pomegranate Ink                  $5.95
X2191 Sunset Ink                             $5.95
Z2503 Black pigment ink                 $1.95  (or $19.95 in basic color set)
Z1996 Woodgrain Emb. Folder       $8.95
Z3091 Pink Enamel Gems                $3.95
Z679 Liquid Glass                             $6.96
Y1002 Block 1 x 3 ½                                    $5.95
Y1006 Block 3 x 3                             $8.50

November Workshop


Believe in Christmas 
Inspired by Wishes pg. 112
D1666 Believe in Christmas
1272 Cranberry CS
1388 Col. White CS
X7200B White Pine CS
Mini Chevron Ribbon
Z1224 Cocoa Ink
Z2155 Topiary Ink
Z2103 Bamboo Ink
Z2503 Black pigment ink
Y1002 1 x 3 1/2 block
4 x 4 block
Z2452 Golden yellow Shin Han marker
Z679 Liquid Glass glue
Christmas Gift Card Holder

 D1657 Holly Jolly Christmas
1272 Cranberry CS
X7200B White Pine CS
X5777 Fern CS
1388 Col. White CS
Z1929 Mini Chevron Ribon
Z3091 Pink Enamel Gems
Y1003 Block 2 1/2 x 2 1/2
Z2650 Fern ink
Z2111 Chocolate Ink

If you look close at the cardstock, you will see, that I distressed it all by sponging all the edges. Sponging really gives it a finer edge. Yes, it takes a bit more time, but it really is worth it!

This gift card does not take much time, but it is a lot of fun to make and you can use this for a lot of occasions. Score at 2 3/4 on one end and 1 3/4 the other end - too easy!

You can find most of the supplies used at my website, some have been retired.

For now - have fun!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December Specials with Close to my Heart

December Specials with Close To My Heart

Happy December!  It's the most wonderful time of the year.  I'm sure you're all busy planning your month and the festivities that come with I have got a little somethin' somethin' to help you out with that (and in a discounted bundle to boot!). As you know, planners are all the rage and Close To My Heart has put their spin (and perfection!) on the planner market.  Not only do I need one of these puppies, but I can't wait to give some as gifts as well! (I actually ordered one already)

I am getting ahead of myself. Let's make this a little more organized (or "planned" if you will...tee hee) and easy to understand. Here are the specials you can enjoy in December:

1.  Cyber Week Sale (Nov. 30 at 9 am MT - Dec. 4 at 4 pm MT)
2.  Planners Gonna Plan Special
3.  December Stamp of the Month

1. Cyber Week Sale:

Get 39 awesome items at 25% off (while supplies last) from November 30-December 4 (sale ends at 4 pm MST).  You can see this special as well as all of the items by reading yesterday's post here. You can also click here to go straight to my website and see the items on the sale and begin purchasing.

2.  Planners Gonna Plan:

Attention all planner addicts! During December, you can get your hands on the new planner bundle for only $29.95.  That's over 15% in savings!

Here's what you get:
  • Gorgeous Everyday Life™ album - classic black with gold foil floral design (9 3/8" x 8 /14" x 1 1/2")
  • Everyday Life 2016 planner pages (includes 1 pocket folder pager, 12 monthly dividers with tabs, 1 designed page finder, 4 sheets of stickers {which are great for adding to dates and are sized to fit the roller stamp...see below}. All necessary parts are 3 ring hold punched.)
  • The coordinating Everyday Life Perfect Plan roller stamp (includes these 12 words and images:  To Do, Due Date, Shopping List, Memo, Pay Day, Don't Forget, No School, Birthday, Party,Vacation, and a cute row of boxes and a cute row of hearts)

With the new Everyday Life line, you’ll experience “memory keeping on the go” as you track your menus and shopping lists, stamp reminders, keep appointments, and tuck away precious memories—plus much more—all at once! This offer is only available while supplies last, so plan to place your order early in the month and start 2016 off right.

Here are other coordinating items you can also order (complete with links for your convenience):

3.  December Stamp of the Month (Candlelight Garden): This beautiful floral stamp is is perfect for coloring with our Shin Han alcohol markers, painting with our gorgeous watercolors, or tinting with our softly delicious watercolor pencils.

As always, the Stamp of the Month is only available for a month and is only $5 with every $50 you spend.  Order $100, get 2...and so on. When ordering on my website, you'll be prompted to add your set(s) before checking out.

How about the GORGEOUS card and Kraft container the CTMH art department created?  So beautiful!

This set is so versatile - love it! Now, I have given you lots of ideas for the last minute stocking stuffers for your friends, families and don't forget - pass ideas along for yourself!

Happy stamping!

Hello and thank you for stopping by!

This is my first attempt on a blog - can you tell? I am sure you can. From what I have learned about blogs they are like an online journal and you are getting a peak into my soul ...

At this time I am trying to learn how to post my artwork with watermark and copyright and all that jazz -but I a, learning. My plan is to post my work and along with it I will explain what I used and how I made the project.

As we go along, I will also give you a peak into my life. I will share some pictures of my family, places we have been, places we have visited. So, please come back and visit often. Just know, that I am very new to this blogging thing! So, at this time - any help you can give me is highly appreciated in growing my skills in "blogging".

If you live close to me and you would like to join me in my craft place or one my crops please, check my calendar for any upcoming workshops!

A scrapbooker's quilting bee!