Friday, December 4, 2015

Fall 2015 workshops

Due to some Health reasons over the last little while I have had to play a little bit of catch up with my posts. So, here are some of the last few workshops I have had. These are the cards we made in October. I am listing all the materials you will need to make these cards. The Twinkle set is now retired. However, I may be able to get you another set from another consultant if you contact me ... :)

I also posted a video on this blog already on some alternative for one of the cards. Hopefully, you will check it out. Love to play around with different ways of making cards!

As you can see, I used the embossing folder on both cards.

Twinkle Stamp of the Month Card

S1510 Twinkle                                  $5 (if $50 purchase is made otherwise $17.95)
1385 Daisy White Cardstock           $14.50
Z2195 Lagoon Ink                             $5.95
Z2165 Honey Ink                              $5.95
Z2174 Champaign Ink                     $5.95
$2653 Pomegranate Ink                  $5.95
Z899   Memento Ink                         $7.95
Z1979 Le Pen                                    $3.25
Z1790 Artiste Cartridge                   $99.90
Z679  Liquid Glass Glue                    $6.95
Z3118 Confetti Embossing Folder  $8.95
Y1002 Block 1 x 3 ½                                    $5.95
Y1009 Block 2 x 3 ½                                    $7.50
Red ribbon
Favorite adhesive

Boughs and Berries Card

Z3150 Boughs and Berries Kit        $11.95
Z3087 Green Shimmer Trim                       $4.95
Z2174 Champaign Ink                     $5.95
Z2503 Black pigment ink                 $1.95  (or $19.95 in basic color set)
Y1002 Block 1 x 3 1.2                      $5.95
Y1003 Block 2 x 2                             $6.50
Z2060 3-D thin tape                         $5.95

Falling Leaves Card

B1492 Falling Leaves                       $9.95
C1619 So many Smiles                     $13.95
X5780 Pomegranate Cardstock      $14.50
1243 Goldrush Cardstock                $14.50
X5764 Pear Cardstock                     $14.50
Z2653 Pomegranate Ink                  $5.95
X2191 Sunset Ink                             $5.95
Z2503 Black pigment ink                 $1.95  (or $19.95 in basic color set)
Z1996 Woodgrain Emb. Folder       $8.95
Z3091 Pink Enamel Gems                $3.95
Z679 Liquid Glass                             $6.96
Y1002 Block 1 x 3 ½                                    $5.95
Y1006 Block 3 x 3                             $8.50

November Workshop


Believe in Christmas 
Inspired by Wishes pg. 112
D1666 Believe in Christmas
1272 Cranberry CS
1388 Col. White CS
X7200B White Pine CS
Mini Chevron Ribbon
Z1224 Cocoa Ink
Z2155 Topiary Ink
Z2103 Bamboo Ink
Z2503 Black pigment ink
Y1002 1 x 3 1/2 block
4 x 4 block
Z2452 Golden yellow Shin Han marker
Z679 Liquid Glass glue
Christmas Gift Card Holder

 D1657 Holly Jolly Christmas
1272 Cranberry CS
X7200B White Pine CS
X5777 Fern CS
1388 Col. White CS
Z1929 Mini Chevron Ribon
Z3091 Pink Enamel Gems
Y1003 Block 2 1/2 x 2 1/2
Z2650 Fern ink
Z2111 Chocolate Ink

If you look close at the cardstock, you will see, that I distressed it all by sponging all the edges. Sponging really gives it a finer edge. Yes, it takes a bit more time, but it really is worth it!

This gift card does not take much time, but it is a lot of fun to make and you can use this for a lot of occasions. Score at 2 3/4 on one end and 1 3/4 the other end - too easy!

You can find most of the supplies used at my website, some have been retired.

For now - have fun!


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