Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Here is my soldier son. It has been a hard road for him. While he was at Basic Training he was not sure why he was there. It really tested his inner core. After the first nine weeks of really rough physical and mental testing he made it through. He was not that young, almost boy anymore. Yes, he was still interested in video games, etc. But he is much more reflective now. He knows the strength he possesses inside of him. Few young men get to learn that at his age. I am glad for him he stuck it out.

During his break we walked through a store and he received his first handshake (one of many) thanking him for his service to this country. He was speechless, until then he did not think that the sweat, tears (he had not dared to show to anyone) and yes blood he had shed until now in his training really had been for more than just training. But he finally realized what he was really preparing for. The next time someone shook his hand, he was able to say much easier "Your welcome." He will serve proudly, because his dad has done so for over 30 years and still is.

As it is, his dad will most probably be deploying again just a few days after we pick him up from his AIT graduation - such is life in a military family. So, when someone shakes the hand of a soldier they say "Thank You." And the families at home write them letters, are grateful to the Lord for cell phones and we shed tears and always pray for them that they will be kept save.

May the Lord bless our soldiers and their families - always.


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