Thursday, August 15, 2013

Memory Keeping Matters!

Scrapbooking is not dead! There have been rumors - yes rumors that scrapbooking is dying. But what we are seeing in the industry, that it is evolving. Social media and the way we are living, scrapbooking is changing. There are still many people who love to work with paper - we can help you. But now, there are lots of people who love to use their media - we can help you with that as well - there is Studio J.

But did you know, that you can use your Instagram, Facebook and many of the other Social Media platforms for scrapbooking? As you document your daily happenings - you are scrapbooking! Those of you, who never put a pair of scissors to paper, but document your family's life in media, you are scrapbooking. Make sure, you save it. You will enjoy it someday.


Hello and thank you for stopping by!

This is my first attempt on a blog - can you tell? I am sure you can. From what I have learned about blogs they are like an online journal and you are getting a peak into my soul ...

At this time I am trying to learn how to post my artwork with watermark and copyright and all that jazz -but I a, learning. My plan is to post my work and along with it I will explain what I used and how I made the project.

As we go along, I will also give you a peak into my life. I will share some pictures of my family, places we have been, places we have visited. So, please come back and visit often. Just know, that I am very new to this blogging thing! So, at this time - any help you can give me is highly appreciated in growing my skills in "blogging".

If you live close to me and you would like to join me in my craft place or one my crops please, check my calendar for any upcoming workshops!

A scrapbooker's quilting bee!